Core Humanities Courses

In their first year of study, all College of Arts and Letters (CAL) majors take a two-course sequence, the Freshman Experience, which offers an introduction to academic writing and communication (CAL 103) and an introduction to the humanities and social sciences (CAL 105).

Majors in the humanities, and those pursuing the B.A. in social sciences, must take a sequence of four core courses which cover the humanistic disciplines as they pertain to topics in science and technology:

History of Science and Technology (HHS 130)

Introduction to Science and Technology Studies (HST 120)

Images of Science in Literature (HLI 220)

Science and Metaphysics (HPL 112)

Quantitative Social Science majors must complete three courses from this list as well as two upper-division (300-level or higher) humanities courses outside of the HSS discipline.

Visual Arts & Technology majors must take any four courses for humanities credit, with at least one course 300-level or higher.

Music & Technology majors must take a total of four (4) humanities courses outside of their major field (i.e. non-HMU courses). At least one of these four humanities courses must be at the 300/400 level.

Science Technology and Society and Science Communication majors must take HHS 130 and HST 120 plus four (4) additional courses outlined below. For Science Communication majors, one of these four additional courses must be HST 160.