CE 652 Hydrologic Modeling

The course is focused on modeling components of the hydrologic cycle across different spatio-temporal scales for natural and developed watersheds. Students will conduct in-depth quantitative modeling approaches at various stages of the hydrologic cycle including, evaporation, infiltration, surface runoff and routing using state-of-art hydrologic models that are widely used in engineering practices. The modeling implementation will include data collection, inputs pre-processing, outputs post-processing and analysis, to provide insights on specific water quantity and quality problems. The limitations and uncertainties associated with different hydrologic process representations will be studied as well. The hydrological models to be used are freely available and mainly open-source. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based Pre- and post-processing tools and the widely used open-source software statistical data analysis and graphics will be used to prepare inputs and analyze outputs.




CE 525 or CE 504 or CE 537


Civil Engineering Program


Fall Semester Spring Semester