EE 585 Physical Design of Wireless Systems

Physical design of wireless communication systems, emphasizing present and next generation architectures. Impact of non-linear components on performance; noise sources and effects; interference; optimization of receiver and transmitter architectures; individual components (LNAs, power amplifiers, mixers, filters, VCOs, phase-locked loops, frequency synthesizers, etc.); digital signal processing for adaptable architectures; analog-digital converters; new component technologies (SiGe, MEMS, etc.); specifications of component performance; reconfigurability and the role of digital signal processing in future generation architectures; direct conversion; RF packaging; minimization of power dissipation in receivers.



Cross Listed Courses

MT 685, PEP 685


Graduate Student or At Least Junior


Department of Physics Electrical Engineering Program Materials Science and Engineering Program


Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Session 1