OE 592 Global Warming: Weather, Climate and Society

This course provides a survey of the scientific and societal issues associated with global warming, weather, and climate variability and change. The course will examine physical phenomena observed in the Earths weather and climate, providing sufficient scientific and technical background to enable students to critically examine arguments being discussed by policy makers and the public at large. The course content will focus on the phenomena of climate variability and change, both observed during the past century and projected for the next century, that have impacts on human society and natural ecosystems. The course will also review the roles of science, politics and the media in the current debate on climate change. The classes will consist of lectures, guest lectures, movies, in-class discussion, and student presentations. Students will have an opportunity to conduct research on impacts of climate change in New York and New Jersey and meet with governmental officials on risks and strategies for adaptation. Students also will have an opportunity to formally debate whether global warming is a clear and present danger or a hoax.




Graduate Student or At Least Junior


Ocean Engineering Program


Spring Semester