SSW 322 Engineering Design VI

This course provides software engineering students with experiences for software design and evolution in the context of engineering design. Students will explore the software design process covering the domain knowledge identification, design modeling and communication, design validation, design risk assessment, and strategic design in software evolution. Students will acquire essential skills for improving a design that solves a current problem to a good design that fits into a domains context and eases future code maintenance while providing an excellent user experience. Students will practice skills in the roles of software manager, designer, architect and developer in a real-software-project-like setting. Students will employ user centered design, design, implement, maintain, and deliver more than one release of a project design along the semester drawing on principles of Engineering Design. Tools that have been introduced in earlier software engineering courses will be brought together as part of this presenior design experience, as will new tools in User Centered Design, Engineering Design and Design testing.




ENGR 311 and (SSW 315 or SSW 325)


Software Engineering Program


Spring Semester