Graduate Programs

The department offers programs of study leading to the Master of Engineering, Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Courses are offered in chemical, biochemical, polymer engineering and materials science and engineering. The programs are designed to prepare graduates for a wide range of professional opportunities in manufacturing, design, research, or in development. Special emphasis is given to the relationship between basic science and its applications in modern technology. Chemical, and materials engineers create, design, and improve processes and products that are vital to our society. Our programs produce broad-based graduates who are prepared for careers in many fields and who have a solid foundation in research and development methodology. We strive to create a vibrant intellectual setting for our students and faculty anchored by pedagogical innovations and interdisciplinary research excellence. Active and well-equipped research laboratories in polymer processing, biopolymers, highly filled materials, microchemical systems, catalysis, high-performance coatings, photonic devices and systems, and nanotechnology are available for Ph.D. dissertations and master’s theses.

Admission to the degree programs requires an undergraduate education in chemical engineering, materials science and, or related disciplines.

The Master of Engineering or Master of Science requires 30 graduate credits in an approved plan of study. 6 to 9 credits can be obtained by performing research in the form of a master’s thesis. The curriculum must include the following core courses: