Engineer Degree in Civil Engineering

The Engineer Degree in Civil Engineering is an advanced graduate program with an emphasis on design. To be qualified to enter the civil engineer degree program, a student must have completed a master’s degree in engineering. The degree candidate must also demonstrate professional competence by having at least two years of responsible industrial experience in one of the areas of civil engineering. The industrial experience is to be completed prior to entering the program or in the process of being satisfied upon entering the program. Thirty credits beyond the master’s degree are required for the degree of civil engineer. Eight to 15 of those credits must be on a design project. A student will be assigned an advisor who will help him/ her develop a study plan and who will supervise his/her design project. The study plan, which should include details of the professional experience and of the design project, must be submitted to the departmental committee on the civil engineer degree for approval. Upon completion of the design project, (s)he will submit a written report to the departmental committee for approval, and the student will be required to take an oral examination on the substance of the design project.