Financing a Stevens Education

The mission of the Office of Financial Aid is to identify financial resources and to provide those resources to students who would otherwise be unable to pursue their educational and professional goals. The Office of Financial Aid strives to facilitate the financial aid process by educating students and their families about the availability of aid, as well as by providing solutions and alternatives in educational financing. The staff is committed to ensuring the highest quality of service to Stevens students. This involves evaluating each student’s aid application individually and the continual assessment of our application, awarding, and disbursement processes.

Stevens requires the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Incoming undergraduate students and returning Clark Scholars must also submit the CSS Profile. The priority filing date for incoming students is February 15th prior to the fall semester in which a student begins at Stevens; the priority filing date for returning students is April 15 each year. For more information and to complete the FAFSA online, please visit: For more information and to complete the CSS/PROFILE, please visit:

Stevens is committed to making education affordable and we work diligently to provide families with the resources to help. For families who qualify for financial need, we structure packages around a core of state, federal, and Stevens aid sources, all of which are considered financial aid components. Independent of need, Stevens also offers merit-based awards to new students who demonstrate a commitment to excellence through a variety of admission factors, known as “need-blind” admissions