Computational Social Science

The computational social science graduate certificate was built through a partnership between Stevens’ College of Arts and Letters and School of Systems & Enterprises.

By earning Stevens’ computational social science graduate certificate, students will learn the tools required to meet the evolving requirements of employers related to the collection, analysis and critique of data with applications to society. Students will demonstrate basic data cleaning, visualization and analysis skills through the use of statistical, computational and social science methods.

Program Objectives

Understand the unique challenges that social data present in relation to societal issues.

Develop data visualizations that can be used by policy-makers, journalists, academics and industry professionals for decision-making.

Identify, define, collect, analyze and communicate relevant data related to computational social science.

Gain the ability to collect, use and analyze large-scale data and generate informatics.

Develop basic knowledge of tools, such as Python, for computational social science applications.

Computational Social Science Requirements

The required courses are:

EM 624Informatics for Engineering Management


EM 622Decision Making Via Data Analysis Techniques


CAL 570


EM 570Data Storytelling


CAL 517