Master of Philosophy

The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) is a postgraduate research degree. It is offered to enrolled Ph.D. students who achieve a record of distinction during the pre-dissertation phase. Because the Master of Philosophy is not designed as a terminal degree, its requirements are integrated with the requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy degree: Potential candidates for the Master of Philosophy degree must be qualified to pursue the doctorate and have been advised to apply for admission to a doctoral program.

This degree requires a minimum of two years of advanced study beyond the master’s degree. Placed between the master’s degree and the Doctor of Philosophy, the Master of Philosophy marks a student’s successful completion of all requirements for the doctorate, except the final phase of research and the dissertation. The degree is intended to provide recognition that a prospective doctoral candidate has successfully and expeditiously completed a major phase of graduate study and has achieved a comprehensive mastery of the general field of concentration.

Master of Philosophy Requirements:

Completion of doctoral course requirements: A minimum of 15 credits.

Completion of minimum doctoral research credits: A minimum of 15 credits.

Successful completion of qualifying exam.

Successful completion of proposal defense.

Be a doctoral student in good standing.