Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) serves to facilitate the vast interests of the undergraduate student body, as well as to provide a means of communication between the students and the faculty, administration, and staff. Its fundamental purpose is to improve the student experience in a variety of ways. Primarily, this involves providing guidance and allocating funds to the 180+ student organizations that allow the campus to thrive and representing student interests on important issues regarding the future of Stevens. For a listing of student organizations, please visit the organization directory.

At Stevens, you are an important member of the community. Another core aspect of the SGA is its sponsorship of a variety of student-led initiatives. The SGA is comprised of senators who serve on committees ranging from academic affairs to event planning to see these initiatives through and make a positive impact on campus and in the broader community. Additionally, members of the administration frequently hold informal meetings with small groups of students, providing an opportunity for an exchange of ideas and opinions. All students are encouraged to refer to the SGA DuckLink page for up-to-date information. Stop by our new office at room 213 of the University Center Complex or contact with any questions, concerns, or ideas on initiatives.