Tuition and Fees

For the 2022-2023 academic year, the cost of attendance is as follows:

Tuition (full time, 12 – 20 credit) $58,624
Room and Board estimated, (on campus residents only) $17,080
General Service Fee $1,740
Student Activity Fee $460
Total $77,904

We estimate that a typical student will require approximately $2,250 for books, supplies, transportation and other personal expenses.


$230 Student Activity Fee per semester (Fall/Spring), which is used by the Student Government Association (SGA) to support the many undergraduate clubs and activities
$870 General Service Fee (per semester)
$20 Fee to replace an ID card
$550 Late Payment Fee
$50 Return Check Fee
$25 International Check Processing Fee

Full-Time Students
Students enrolled in 12 - 20 credit-hours are considered full-time academic students and tuition is $28,212 per semester. Students enrolled in more than 20 credit-hours will be charged a per credit overload fee of $1,882 per credit.

Part-Time Students
Students enrolled in fewer than 12 credit-hours are considered part-time. Part-time undergraduates are charged $1,882 per credit-hour. If a student enrolls in fewer than 12 credit-hours, they are not eligible for state or Stevens financial aid and may not be eligible for federal financial aid. Students with fewer than 12 credit-hours should check with the Office of Financial Aid regarding their eligibility.

Books & Supplies
Student can purchase all required textbooks at the Stevens Bookstore or through the Stevens Bookstore website at The Stevens Bookstore accepts DuckBills, and all major credit cards.

Co-Op Students
Students participating in the Stevens Cooperative Education program are not charged tuition but are required to pay the Student Activity, General Service, health insurance, and other applicable fees and are considered attending full-time. Co-op students are not entitled to Stevens Institutional financial aid when they are on a co-op working term. Co-op students who study full-time during the summer term may be eligible for federal, state or Stevens financial aid during that time.

Health Insurance
Stevens requires all undergraduate students to have health insurance. Copies of the student health insurance brochure can be viewed online by visiting Undergraduate students are charged annually for health insurance and may waive the charge if the student has equivalent coverage. Students may go to and click on “Stevens Institute of Technology” to submit an online waiver providing proof of comparable coverage by a specific deadline designated each semester by Stevens. If Stevens does not receive the online waiver information by the published deadlines the University cannot waive the insurance charge. The brochure and rate information is available on our website at