Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering

The Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering degree provides high-quality education and ample exposure to cutting-edge materials-related research activities to students with strong disciplinary fundamentals and broad interdisciplinary and societal perspectives. It prepares them as technical leaders and innovators for a wide range of career options where materials play a critical and enabling role. 


  • Materials Science and Engineering

  • Materials Technology for Energy and Sustainability

  • Nanotechnology (interdisciplinary)


Program Objectives


The program prepares students to:

  • apply core Materials knowledge in design, control, and assessment of materials processing and products.

  • interact effectively with other professionals based on the interdisciplinary education in the Materials discipline to advance their careers.

  • engage in lifelong learning through professional activities and continuing education.

  • participate in technology innovation through novel processes and products, intellectual property, and enterprises.


Program Outcomes


By the time of graduation, students will be able to:

  • demonstrate advanced understanding of the foundations of materials science and engineering including multi-scale structure, mass transport, thermodynamics, and mathematical basics in the processing-structure-properties-performance paradigm.

  • take an interdisciplinary approach to predicting, designing, fabricating, and characterizing materials of desired functionality and performance characteristics at multi-length scales using fundamental scientific and engineering principles and with modern experimental and analytical tools.

  • evaluate the quality of their own work and others for problem solving and for research and development in the broad materials field.

  • communicate orally and in writing the technical, scientific, and societal importance of

  • research results.

  • adapt to changing technological and societal needs with interdisciplinary exposure and appreciation of the benefit and fulfillment of life-long learning.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering is a 30-credit degree program. Students are required to complete:

  • More than 3 out of 4 core courses (9-12 credits) 

  • MT 650 (3 credits)

  • 5-6 elective courses (15-18 credits) 

    • Including up to 6 credits of research courses

Core Courses

Any three of the following courses:

MT 521Chemical and Materials Thermodynamics


MT 601Structure and Diffraction


MT 602Kinetics of Materials


MT 665Soft Matter Physics



MT 650Special Topics in Materials Science and Engineering


Materials Technology for Energy and Sustainability Concentration Curriculum


MT 518Solar Energy: Theory & Application


MT 581Materials Sustainable Development


MT 588Electrochemical Materials and Devices for Energy and Sustainability


ME 514Sustainable Energy