Master of Engineering in Ocean Engineering

The Ocean Engineering graduate program requires the completion of three core courses that can be combined with other courses, with the approval of a faculty advisor, to create degrees focused on any number of ocean engineering and science topics, including: sediment transport, natural and nature-based features, coastal storms and hazards, environmental fluid mechanics, estuarine and coastal ocean modeling, vessel dynamics, underwater acoustics, renewable energy, coastal engineering, and urban coastal resilience.

Program Objectives

  • For students with a background in science and engineering, the program prepares them to serve in positions in the ocean engineering field requiring advanced and specialized knowledge and ability.

  • For students with an undergraduate degree in naval architecture, the program will educate them to serve in advanced positions in the ocean engineering field requiring specialized knowledge in the design of advanced marine craft and ship systems. 

  • For students whose career objective includes research and/or the Ph.D. the program will provide, through the thesis option, both the ability to practice ocean engineering at an advanced level, and to perform independent research in the field.

Program Outcomes

By the time of graduation, students will be able to:

  • analyze and design marine structures and systems.

  • perform research in fields related to ocean and coastal engineering or naval architecture.

  • pursue advanced independent study in the general domain of ocean engineering.

Degree Requirements

The program is a 30-credit degree program. Students are required to complete:

  • 3 core courses (9 credits)

    • 1 or more of the required core courses may be substituted with the approval of your faculty advisor

    • 1 graduate-level applied mathematics course (3 credits) 

A thesis is optional and may be substituted for 5 to 10 credit hours of coursework. The thesis option is strongly recommended for full-time students, those receiving financial support, or those planning to pursue doctoral studies.

Core Courses

OE 501Oceanography



OE 511Urban Oceanography


OE 630Hydrodynamics


MA 530Applied Mathematics for Engineers & Scientists II



PEP 527Mathematical Methods of Science and Engineering I


One or more of the required core courses may be waived with the approval of an academic advisor.