Engineer Degree in Computer Science

The Engineer Degree in Computer Science is for students who already have a Masters degree in computer science or a closely related field and who wish to continue to study computer science deeply at an advanced level, but who do not wish to or cannot make the time commitment necessary for the Ph.D. degree. The degree requires 30 credits of computer science beyond the M.S. degree. Nine to 12 of these credits must be for a single long term project on an advanced computer science topic (course CS 950). For part time students, the project topic cannot be drawn from the student’s activity. The project must be work beyond the student’s job activity, so as to expand the student’s sphere of expertise. The student must be advised at all times by a full time Computer Science department faculty member. The advisor must approve and supervise the project. The project must be described in a substantial document that is reviewed by a committee of faculty, presented in a public defense, and submitted to the library for archival publication.