Power Systems Engineering

In this Graduate Certificate Program of Power Systems Engineering, students will study the fundamental theory and technical algorithms of power systems and control as well as the relevant smart-grid enabling techniques including those related to computer and communication systems, to advance their capabilities in the emerging power system area.

Program Outcomes:

By the time of graduation, students will be able to

  • build a solid foundation and have a deep understanding on the core technical concepts in power systems, various renewable energy systems, electricity market, and emerging smart-grid enabling techniques.
  • use mathematical, modeling, and engineering principles to design and analyze long-term reliable planning, day-ahead secure and economic operation, and real-time robust control.

Power Systems Engineering Requirements

Required Courses

EE 589Introduction to Power Engineering


EE 590Smart Grid


Choose two from the following list

EE 575Introduction to Control Theory


EE 629Internet of Things


CPE 679Computer and Information Networks