Master of Engineering in Integrated Product Development

The Integrated Product Development program is an integrated Master of Engineering degree program. The core courses emphasize the design, manufacture, implementation, and life-cycle issues of engineering systems. The remaining courses provide a disciplinary focus. The program embraces and balances qualitative, as well as quantitative, aspects and utilizes state-of-the-art tools and methodologies. It aims to educate students in problem-solving methodologies, modeling, analysis, simulation, and technical management. The program trains engineers in relevant software applications and in productive deployment and integration in the workplace.

All students in this program must complete ten courses (30 credits), comprised of four core courses and up to six elective courses selected from one of the four engineering tracks listed below. The student, with the approval of the graduate program director, may design customized tracks. Up to six elective credits may be taken in lieu of the course credits toward a project relevant to the selected track.

Integrated Product Development program is for students from Armaments Center at Picatinny Arsenal.  

Integrated Product Development Requirements

Core Courses

IPD 601Integrated Product Development I


IPD 602Integrated Product Development II


IPD 611Modeling and Simulation


IPD 612Project Management of Complex Systems



Students then choose from one of the following four engineering tracks:

Armament Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Manufacturing Technologies

Systems Reliability and Design

Armament Engineering Track

This technology track provides an interdisciplinary graduate education in Armament Engineering. The program emphasizes systems engineering of military weapons from concept through development and field use. Technical disciplines in the design and manufacture of explosives, modeling and simulation of the interior and exterior ballistics, rocket and missile design, guidance and control, modern research instrumentation, and testing procedures are emphasized.

ME 504Interior Ballistics and Design for Projection


ME 505Theory and Performance of Propellants and Explosives I


ME 506Theory of Performance of Propellants and Explosives II


ME 507Exterior Ballistics


ME 508Terminal Ballistics


Plus one free elective

Manufacturing Technologies Track

This track integrates product design, materials processing, and manufacturing expertise with modern computer software technology. The program is specifically concerned with product design for manufacturing, manufacturing systems analysis and development, robotics and control, and the integration of the various phases and activities associated with turning a concept into a deliverable product. Different manufacturing processes are introduced, and the design and control of these processes are discussed. Of particular interest are the development and implementation of models to predict the effects of design and manufacturing choices on system performance, producibility, and economics.

ME 560Quality in Life Sciences Manufacturing


ME 564Optimization Principles in Mechanical Engineering


ME 598Introduction to Robotics


ME 621Introduction to Modern Control Engineering


ME 644Computer-Integrated Design and Manufacturing



ME 520Analysis and Design of Composites


ME 645Design of Production Systems


The complete description of the IPD program can be found in the Interdisciplinary Programs section of the catalog.