Ph.D. in Financial Engineering

As the first Financial Engineering doctoral program to be developed in the nation, the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is designed to prepare students to perform research or high-level design in financial engineering.

With an emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach requiring knowledge in finance, economics, mathematics, probability/statistics, operations research, engineering, computer science and systems thinking, the program gives graduates substantial expertise in key disciplines such as financial mathematics, risk management, financial statistics, portfolio optimization, financial standards, systemic risk, behavioral finance, microstructure finance, investment banking, data analytics, securities trading to name a few examples.

Students work alongside with faculty and perform transformative research in four crucial areas: Quantitative Finance, Financial Services Analytics, Financial Risk & Regulation, and Financial Systems. Graduates of the program are typically employed in world-class financial investment firms and academic research institutions.

The Ph.D. program requires completion of 54 credits beyond a relevant and approved Master’s degree. The students are required to pass a qualifying exam within 2 years of starting their doctoral studies and maximum of 6 years to complete the program and defend their dissertation.