Students can pursue a minor in the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences by submitting a minor request via Workday. Students should speak with the HASS Student Success team before submitting their minor request. Students have to achieve a C or better in each course of the minor.

Data Visualization (offered jointly with SSE)
Film Studies
Gender and Cultural Studies
Medical Humanities
Music & Technology
Pre-law and Public Policy
Science Communication
Science, Technology, and Society
Social Science
Visual Arts & Technology

In general, a HASS minor requires a total of 9 humanities courses including the Freshman Experience (CAL 103 and CAL 105). Beyond these courses, a minimum of six courses in the minor discipline must be taken. Depending on the discipline and with the approval of the advisor, these can be:

One 100/200-level course and five upper-division (300/400-level) courses


Two 100/200-level courses and four upper-division (300/400-level) courses

Students must also take one upper-division course (which qualifies for humanities credit) in a HASS discipline outside the minor field.

For specific requirements for any HASS minor, please contact the minor advisor.