Advanced Systems Engineering

This graduate certificate will provide students with a solid foundation in the fundamentals and practical use of methods, processes and tools for the conception, architecture, modeling and simulation, and analysis of complex systems. The skills obtained will be applicable to the systems engineering of systems in other domains, but are focused on systems with the attributes of distributed control, complexity and evolution. Systems thinking, model-based systems engineering and simulation approaches are emphasized.

Advanced Systems Engineering Requirements

The following two courses are required as prerequisites:

  • SYS 625: Fundamentals of Systems Engineering

  • SYS 650: System Architecture and Design

Students must also choose four of the following five courses: 

  • SYS 725: Advances in Systems of Systems Engineering

  • SYS 684: Systems Thinking

  • SYS 750: Advanced System and Software Modeling and Assessment

  • SYS 611: Modeling and Simulation

  • SYS 681: Dynamic Modeling of Systems and Enterprises

Choose four from the following six courses:

SYS 725Advances in System of Systems Engineering


SYS 684Systems Thinking


SYS 750Advanced System and Software Architecture Modeling and Assessment


SYS 611Systems Modeling and Simulation


SYS 681Dynamic Modeling of Systems and Enterprise