Graduate Programs

Today’s engineered systems are more complex than their predecessors, not only in the sophistication of elements from which they are constructed, but in the number and nature of the interconnections between those elements. System failures today, whether an automobile malfunction on a busy highway or the loss of a spacecraft on a distant planet, are much more likely to result from an unanticipated interaction between elements than from the failure of a single part.

Enterprises represent a special case of systems, one with enormous economic importance. While not traditionally considered within the same domain as technical systems, enterprises are increasingly viewed as representatives of a broader class of human designed systems, of which technical systems are only one example.

Stevens created the School of Systems and Enterprises (SSE) with the mission to provide interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary education and research rooted in systems thinking. We focus on applying a “systems approach” to better understand the nature of problems and opportunities, and to conceive novel concepts and solutions that achieve breakthrough results.

The following graduate programs are offered by SSE.