Dual Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Engineering Management/MBA Degree

The dual M.Eng. in engineering management/MBA degree is designed for students that seek to have a deep technical knowledge in engineering management as well as strong management skills and qualifications. This joint degree will give engineering students strong business management skills to complement their engineering degree, accelerating their growth into management positions and opening up a more diverse selection of career choices. The students will earn two separate master’s degrees at completion of this dual degree program.

This dual program offers an exceptional combination of management skills with deep and practical knowledge of the technical aspects of engineering management. The MBA program is particularly suited for engineers, as it incorporates a unique blend of courses on management skills, technology and analytics skills and human skills.

Students in this program benefit from close interaction with an internationally recognized faculty body with diverse educational and professional backgrounds both in the School of Systems and Enterprises and in the School of Business.