Withdrawals and Refunds

Students who enroll and decide not to attend class for any reason must officially drop these classes online through Workday Student. After the official add/drop period is over, a withdrawal will occur, and a “W” grade will appear on the transcript. The instructor’s approval and/or the Office of Graduate Education or Office of Undergraduate Academics’ approval is required prior to withdrawing from a class after the add/drop period (please refer to the current Academic Calendar). The date of the request will determine the official withdrawal date for tuition and fees. Students must officially withdraw from housing and/or meal plans in writing to the Office of Residence Life. They will determine the official withdrawal date for housing and meal plans (which may be different than the date submitted to the Office of the Registrar). All tuition and fees will be adjusted based on the official withdrawal date and will be calculated from the official opening date of classes in accordance with the Tuition Refunds Schedule.