Extra Courses

Freshman, during the first academic year, are not allowed to take extra classes beyond the number of courses in their major.

Taking extra courses beyond a program’s normal load is a serious matter. While the Office of Undergraduate Academics does not encourage overloading, any overload consideration must be discussed and approved by that office. The following are the criteria for overloading:

After the first year, students may enroll in an extra class with the permission of the Office of Undergraduate Academics and a GPA of 3.30 or higher in the previous full-time semester. Students with an extra course and 3.60 or higher GPA may enroll in two extra courses. The GPA requirements above can also be met by the student’s cumulative GPA.

The baseline definition for the regular course load is 20 credits a semester. An additional per credit tuition fee will apply for students who overload.