Grade Scale

Academic grades for courses numbered lower than 500-level are listed below and quality points per credit are indicated in parentheses:

A (4.00) Excellent
A- (3.67)
B+ (3.33)
B (3.00) Good
B- (2.67)
C+ (2.33)
C (2.00) Fair
C- (1.67)
D+ (1.33)
D (1.00) Poor
F (0.00) Failure
P (0.00) Indicates a successfully completed Pass/Fail course.
If you withdraw from a course up until one week before the last class meeting of the semester, “W” is posted.
It is a temporary notation issued to students by the Office of the Registrar in the following situation:
– a grade has not been entered on the grade roster for a student

Faculty regulations concerning the abbreviations “Abs.” for absent and “Inc.” for incomplete can be found on the Undergraduate Academics website. Stevens uses the Quality Points System to determine grade point averages (GPA). This means an “A” in a three semester-hour course is worth three times more than an “A” in a one semester-hour course. To determine the number of quality points for any course, the semester hours are multiplied by the value of the letter grade received for the course. To determine the weighted average, the sum of quality points is divided by the sum of quality hours.

The lowest passing grade for undergraduate courses is a D.