Reduced Load Program

The Reduced Load Program has two options:

Freshman Option

Permits freshmen to take one fewer technical course for each of the first two semesters. The courses are made up tuition free during the summer immediately following the freshman year. The deadline to sign up is the start of the second semester. To register for the tuition free courses, students must contact the Office of Undergraduate Academics during registration.

Reduced Load Option

Reduces the student’s work load in each semester by lengthening the time from entrance to graduation from eight to ten semesters. Students who are accepted into the Reduced Load Option receive full tuition waiver in the 9th and 10th semesters.

The waiver of full tuition does not extend beyond the 10th semester. The deadline to sign up is the end of the third semester for engineering students and the end of the second semester for all other students.

Students may elect to change their participation from the Freshman Option to the Reduced Load option after their first two semesters. Students who elect to make this change forfeit the free summer classes offered through the Freshman Option.

Continued participation in the Reduced Load Option is contingent upon maintenance of a curricular program that does not exceed “reduced load” status for the appropriate field of study while paying the current full semester tuition. Explicit in this condition is a forfeiture of the student’s right to exercise the “extra course” provision. This forfeiture does not prohibit students from pursuing certain program enhancements such as minors following specific approval from the Office of Undergraduate Academics. Students in the Reduced Load Option are not eligible to take graduate courses towards future master’s degree.

Students may, during the 9th and 10th semesters, qualify for limited financial aid. Merit scholarships are strictly limited to eight semesters. In all cases, it is the student’s responsibility to complete all applicable financial aid forms. Students are strongly urged to contact the Office of Financial Aid for details.

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Academics to discuss the options above. Alternatively, students can submit a Reduced Load for Domestic Students request in Workday Student.