MGT 610 Strategic Perspectives on Project Management

This course provides a theoretical perspective on project management for a better understanding of project implementation in modern organizations. The course is based on the premise that success in project leadership depends on a proper managerial style and attitude, and not on specific tools for planning and controlling. The course focuses on developing the manager’s conceptual thinking and on building "the project manager’s mind." The course helps managers see the entire project landscape and the long-term issues that are critical to project success. It will also address the organizational aspects of initiating and running the program.




EM 612 or IPD 612 or ME 636 or MGT 550 or MGT 609 or MGT 802 or MGT 803 or PME 609 or SDOE 612 or SYS 612


School of Business

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Session 1