BIA 580 Foundations of Business Analytics

This 3-credit course covers the major mathematical and statistical concepts that underly the field of business analytics to prepare students for the more advanced courses in the BI&A curriculum. The course material will span Linear Algebra, Differential Calculus, and elementary Probability and Statistics. It does so at an elementary level but at a level sufficient to prepare students for success in the more advanced topics covered in the remainder of the BI&A curriculum. Each mathematical and statistical concept is illustrated through one or more business applications that bridge the gap between theory and practice and demonstrate how analytics is applied in businessAdditionally, the course is oriented towards data management and database disciplines to provide a seamless connection to the courses in the required database courses,  Furthermore, concepts are illustrated via examples drawn from Digital Marketing, Finance, and EconomicsThe Python programming language is used for examples and homework assignments throughout the course because Python is the lingua franca of the business world.




School of Business