BME 465 Principles of Biomedical Imaging

Imaging is essential for biology and medicine. This biomedical imaging course emphasizes the understanding of basic principles of major imaging modalities and how these modalities can be applied to address the great imaging needs faced by today’s biomedicine. Learning of the imaging principles focuses on the contrast mechanisms and the image formation process, with a highlight of the imaging physics. Applications of imaging will be discussed in the context of the current needs in biological studies and clinical screening, diagnosis and treatment, featuring the suitability of particular imaging parameters in addressing specific problems in biomedicine. The course covers X-ray computed tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound imaging, and optical coherence tomography, as the representative major imaging modalities, all of which are widely used in both research and clinics. MATLAB-based projects are developed to enhance the students’ understanding of important topics and to help students gain programming skills for engineering.




BME 306 and BME 460


Biomedical Engineering Program

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer Semester Summer Session 1 Summer Session 2