BME 601 Advanced Biomedical Engineering Lab

One of the distinguishing features of biomedical engineers is the ability to make and interpret measurements on living systems. One of the major objectives of advanced laboratory training is to provide experience in selecting appropriate measurement and analysis tools that will advance hypothesis driven and translational research and development. This laboratory serves these dual purposes. Students are introduced to techniques for measurements at the cellular, organ and systems levels. Students will then use these techniques to: a) formulate hypotheses, design experiments using the tools provided, make appropriate measurements, analyze the data an determine if the data do or do not support their hypotheses; b) make measurements that facilitate the design and manufacture of devices in terms of materials properties, fatigue and failure modes. Each student will keep a laboratory notebook.




(BME 482 or BME 503) and BME 505


Biomedical Engineering Program

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester Spring Semester