BT 343 Intermediate Macroeconomics

This is an intermediate macroeconomics course designed with the goal of providing a deeper understanding of current events, macroeconomic theory and economic policy. The course will cover long-run economic performance and its determinants, as well as short-run dynamics and economic fluctuations. This distinction should allow students to comprehend the implications of public policies that have a persistent impact on the economy, such as those that address growth, structural unemployment, inflation and government debt, from the monetary and fiscal policies that have a more immediate effect on economic outcomes. The role of central banks, governments, financial institutions, and globalization will also be addressed. Throughout the course, examples of the real world will be considered and the final part of the course will address recent issues in the macroeconomic debate.




BT 243 or ECON 242


School of Business

Typically Offered Periods

Spring Semester