CAL 103 Writing and Communications Colloquium

Part of the Freshman Experience at Stevens, this course empowers students with the written and oral communications skills they need for university-level academic discourse and thoughtful global citizenship. The mission of the course is to help students develop their skills in the following essential areas: connective and innovative thinking about complex global issues; composition, structure and argumentation; grammatical and stylistic sophistication; critical reading and textual analysis; research and investigation; group work and mutual evaluation; and polished public speaking using visual aids. Students in this course will be exposed to a wide variety of texts by influential writers who tackle themes of global importance. In addition to learning the conventions of academic communication, they will be encouraged to synthesize complex ideas and develop their own critical perspectives, so that they can become active and ethical members of the global community.




College of Arts and Letters

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester Spring Semester