CE 931 Civil Engineering Qualifying Exam - Oral

The CE qualifying exam is administered by the Doctoral Advisor in collaboration with an Examination Committee convened by the Advisor in consultation with the student. The examination committee consists of at least four qualified faculty members from Stevens, with at least three members from within the CEOE department. The advisor will inform the student about the particular details of the exam.The qualifying examination consists of a written part and an oral part. It covers broad topics related to the student’s academic interests and topics that are relevant to the research area of the student. Students must take this exam no later than the end of the third semester after their first enrollment at a CEOE doctoral program. A full-time Ph.D. student needs to have completed at least 18 credit hours before he/she can take the Ph.D. qualifying exam. The exam is given on or about the 1st week of October for students first enrolled in the Fall semester of the previous year and on or about the 1st week of March for students first enrolled in the Spring semester of the previous year. A part-time Ph.D. student has one more year to take the qualifying exam (i.e., in the beginning of the 5th semester). For a Ph.D. student coming to CEOE without a MS degree, He/she will need to finish 30 credit hours to meet the MS requirement first and then can plan for the Ph.D. qualifying exam.The qualifying examination starts with a written (take-home) part (organized by the advisor) that must be completed within one week. The Examination Committee has one week to grade this exam. If the student passes the written part, the advisor will schedule the oral part of the exam within about one week of passing the written part.The student must pass both written and oral parts of the exam.If a student fails the written part of the exam they must retake the whole exam within six months. If a student passes the written part and fails the oral part they have to retake the oral part within 6 months. If the student does not pass the qualifying exam after two attempts, the student will be dismissed from the Ph.D. program. A student fails if at least two committee members vote negatively irrelevant of the number of committee members.




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