CHE 322 Engineering Design VI

The objectives of this course are to learn modern systematic design strategies for steady state chemical processing systems and at the same time to gain a functional facility with a process simulator (Aspen) for design, analysis, and economic evaluation. A process is constructed stepwise, with continuing discussion of heuristics, recycle, purge streams, and other process conditions. Aspen is used for design and analysis of the process units. From the viewpoint of the process simulations, the course is divided into four categories: Component, property and data management; Unit operations; System simulation; and Process economic evaluation. The equations used by the simulator are discussed as well as convergence methods, loops and tear streams and scrutiny of default settings in the simulator. The factored cost method and profitability measures are reviewed and compared to simulator results. Work on a capstone design project is begun in the last section of the course.




CHE 332 and (ENGR 311 or ENGR 321 or ENGR 344) and CoReq CHE 351


Chemical Engineering Program

Typically Offered Periods

Spring Semester