CPE 558 Computer Vision

An introduction to the field of Computer Vision, focusing on the underlying algorithmic, geometric, and optic issues. The course starts with a brief overview of basic image processing topics (convolution, smoothing, and edge detection). It then proceeds on various image analysis topics: binary images, moments-based shape analysis, Hough transform, image formation, depth and shape recovery, photometry, motion, classification, and special topics. Prerequisites: Graduate students - Undergraduate Linear Algebra and Data Structures and Algorithms; OR (MA 544 OR CS 556) AND CS 590. Undergraduate students - MA 232 and CS 385.



Cross Listed Courses

CS 558


(((MA 544 or CS 556) and CS 590) or (MA 232 and CS 385)) and Graduate Student or At Least Junior


Computer Engineering Program Computer Science Program

Typically Offered Periods

Spring Semester