CPE 591 Introduction to Multimedia Networking

The objective of this course is to introduce current techniques in multimedia communications especially as applied to wireless networks. The course will introduce the basic issues in multimedia communications and networking. Topics to be covered include: multimedia information representation - text, images, audio, video; introduction to information theory - information of a source, average information of a discrete memoryless source, source coding for memoryless sources; multimedia compression - text, image, audio, video; standards for multimedia communications; transmissions and protocols; circuit switched networks; the Internet; broadband ATM networks; packet video in the network environment; transport protocols - TCP/IP; TCP; UDP; RTP and RTCP; wireless networks - models, characteristics; error resilience for wireless networks.



Cross Listed Courses

NIS 591


Graduate Student or At Least Junior


Computer Engineering Program Information and Data Engineering Program

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester Summer Session 1 Summer Session 2