CPE 682 Fuzzy Logic Systems

The geometry of fuzzy sets; the universe as a fuzzy set; fuzzy relational algebra; fuzzy systems; the fuzzy entropy theorem; the subsethood theorem; the fuzzy approximation theorem (FAT); fuzzy associative memories (FAM); adaptive FAMs (AFAM); fuzzy learning methods; approximate reasoning (linguistic modeling); different integration of neural networks and fuzzy systems; neuro-fuzzy controller and their applications; expert systems: knowledge acquisition, knowledge representation, and inference engines; hybrid expert systems (soft computing): knowledge-based systems, fuzzy systems, and neural networks; and applications: image processing, data compression, pattern recognition, computer vision, qualitative modeling, retrieval from fuzzy database, process control, robotics, and some industrial applications.



Cross Listed Courses

CS 682, EE 682


CS 505/EE 605/NIS 605


Computer Engineering Program Computer Science Program Electrical Engineering Program