CS 517 Quantum Information and Quantum Computation

The course will introduce the fundamentals and applications of quantum information and quantum computation. The topics to be covered include: the probabilistic and nonlocal amplitude theory of quantum mechanics (two mysteries: entanglement and wave-particle duality); unit of quantum information and computation -- quantum bits (Qubit); completeness of quantum mechanics - Einstein Podolsky Rosen Paradox and Bell inequality; application of entanglement in quantum teleportation, Wave-particle duality and its application in quantum eraser; quantum operators and quantum measurement; quantum key distribution in two different protocols (BB84 apply randomness and Ekert 91 apply quantum entanglement); quantum gates and quantum circuits, quantum coding and quantum search and factorization algorisms; decoherence and quantum error correction; quantum-classical analogy and realize quantum protocols with classical optics.




Graduate Student or At Least Junior


PEP 557


Computer Science Program Department of Physics