CS 526 Enterprise and Cloud Computing

This course covers the computing background for large-scale enterprise computing, including the out-sourcing of computing to the cloud. The course includes developing and deploying Web and microservice applications in the cloud, for both client-facing and B2B applications. The course also considers cloud support for enterprise integration and Internet of Things, and NoSQL data stores such as CosmosDB. Finally, the course considers virtualization and its role in the cloud, including security in virtualization. Cloud computing: SaaS and PaaS (e.g., Azure App Service). Web applications in the cloud: ASP.NET MVC. Enterprise Web services: gRPC and Web API. Serverless applications and microservices. Gathering and processing data using NoSQL data stores, e.g., CosmosDB. Enterprise blockchain: Azure Confidential Ledger and Quorum Blockchain Service. Virtualization as the basis for scalable enterprise and cloud computing: Xen, KVM, z/VM. Secure virtualization, e.g., Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux). Programming experience with Java or C# is required.




(CS 385 or CS 590) and (Grad Student or (Junior or Senior))


Computer Science Program

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester