CS 578 Privacy in a Networked World

Increasing use of computers and networks in business, government, recreation, and almost all aspects of daily life has led to a proliferation of online sensitive data that, if used improperly, can harm the data subjects. As a result, concern about the ownership, control, privacy, and accuracy of these data has become a top priority. This course focuses on both the technical challenges of handling sensitive data and the policy and legal issues facing data subjects, data owners, and data users. This course is suitable for advanced undergraduate computer science majors, graduate students in computer science, and students in technology management or other majors with some computer science background. Course readings draw on a variety of sources, including both technical materials and the popular press. Grad Prerequisite: CS 506 or CS 579 or CS 594.




(CS 306 or CS 506 or CS 579 or CS 594) and (Grad Student or (Junior or Senior))


Computer Science Program

Typically Offered Periods

Spring Semester Summer Session 1