CS 581 Online Social Networks

The technical issues involved in modern internet and online social networks. Basic social network terminology; properties of social networks: connectivity, long tail, network effects; and how these properties affect real life software systems, e.g.: blogs, wikis, social bookmarks and tagging, folksonomy, and online social networks. Students will learn programming with online social networking APIs: OpenSocial, Facebook, and Twitter. They shall also develop an appreciation of ethical, legal, and technical issues like privacy, anonymity, and authentication inherent in online social network applications. Course includes a term project resulting in a social networking application that uses the social networking APIs to operate on one of the popular social software platforms.




CS 392 and (CS 182 or CS 385 or CS 570 or CS 590) and (Grad Student or (Junior or Senior))


Computer Science Program

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester Spring Semester