DS 930 Data Science Qualifying Exam

The objective of the qualifier is to determine if the student has a comprehensive understanding of the field and the ability to perform original research. The student's faculty advisor recruits two additional faculty to form an examination committee (in most cases they continue as members of the student's dissertation committee). The examination committee designs the written and oral components of the qualifying exam: a) Written Component: The committee might design an exam composed of questions from classes the student has taken or they might ask the candidate to analyze a dataset and suggest further research based on the analysis. The written component will be in the form of a 7-day take-home exam; b) Oral Component: The student presents a paper written for publication in a conference or journal OR the oral examination is based on the student's take-home examination. The examination committee can pass, fail, or request re-examination of either the written or oral component. The committee’s composition and completion of the evaluation process should be submitted to the Ph.D. Program Director for approval no later than the end of the fifth semester. Students have two chances to pass the qualifying exam and the second date has to be within 90 days from the publication of the first exam result. The Ph.D. committee has some discretionary power regarding the timings.




DS 920


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