EE 474 Microwave Systems

Complex scalars and vectors, sinusoidal steady-state, complex Maxwell’s equations, and complex Poynting’s theorem. Propagation of plane waves: complex vector wave equation, loss-less transmission line analogy, sinusoidal steady-state, frequency, wavelength and velocity, polarity, lossy media, radiation pressure, group velocity, and reflection and refraction. Snell’s law, Brewster angle, field theory of transmission lines, TEM waves, sinusoidal steady-state transmission line theory, traveling and standing waves, Smith Chart, matching power flow, lossy lines, and circuit and field theory. Waveguides: TE and TM modes in general guides, propagation constant and wave impedance, separation of variables, rectangular and cylindrical guides, representation of wavelength fields by plane wave components, propagation and cutoff (evanescent) modes, the Poynting vector, dielectric guides, and losses. Waveguide resonators. Antennas: scalar and vector potentials, wave equations, spherical coordinates, electric and magnetic dipole antennas, and aperture antennas. Microwave electronics and traveling wave tubes.




EE 473


Electrical Engineering Program