EE 560 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing

This course exposes the student to the physical principles underlying remote sensing of ocean, atmosphere, and land by electromagnetic and acoustic passive and active sensors: radars, lidars, infrared and microwaves thermal sensors, sonars, sodars, infrasound/seismic detectors. Topics include fundamental concepts of electromagnetic and acoustic wave interactions with oceanic, atmospheric, and land environment, as well as with natural and man-made objects. Examples from selected sensors will be used to illustrate the information extraction process, and applications of the data for environmental monitoring, oceanography, meteorology, and security/military objectives.



Cross Listed Courses

CE 561, ME 524, OE 560, PEP 560


Graduate Student or At Least Junior


Civil Engineering Program Department of Physics Electrical Engineering Program Mechanical Engineering Program Ocean Engineering Program

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester