EE 612 Principles of Multimedia Compression

Brief introduction to information theory; entropy and rate; Kraft-McMillan inequality; entropy codes - Huffman and arithmetic codes; scalar quantization- quantizer design issues, the Lloyd quantizer and the Lloyd-Max quantizer; vector quantization - LBG algorithm, other quantizer design algorithms; structured VQs; entropy constrained quantization; bit allocation techniques: generalized BFOS algorithm; brief overview of linear Algebra; transform coding: KLT, DCT, LOT; subband coding; wavelets; wavelet based compression algorithms (third generation image compression schemes)- EZW algorithm, the SPIHT algorithm and the EBCOT algorithm; video compression: motion estimation and compensation; image and video coding standards: JPEG/ JPEG 2000, MPEG, H.263, H.263+; Source coding and error resilience.



Cross Listed Courses

NIS 612


Electrical Engineering Program Information and Data Engineering Program

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester Summer Session 1