EE 689 Applied Antenna Theory

Brief review of electromagnetic theory; Maxwell’s equations; the wave equations; plane waves and spherical waves; explanation of phenomenon of radiation; the incremental dipole antenna; dipole antennas including half-wave dipole and grounded monopole. Linear-antenna arrays such as Yagi-Uda array and log-periodic array. Radiation from an aperture such as rectangular and circular apertures. Prime-focus fed paraboloidal reflector antennas; far-field patterns, directivity, effects of scanning and effects of random surface imperfections. Shaped-reflector paraboloidal reflector antennas, Cassegrain and Gregorian paraboloidal antennas. Offset para-boloidal reflectors, spherical reflectors. Tracking antennas, types of monopulse patterns, antenna noise, concept of G/T.




Electrical Engineering Program