EM 301 Accounting and Business Analysis

This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of financial and managerial accounting, with an emphasis on actions managers can take to more effectively address the goals of the firm. Key topics covered include the preparation and analysis of financial statements, particularly creating cash flow statements needed for engineering economic analysis; consideration of variable costs, fixed costs, cost of goods sold, operating costs, product costs, period costs; job costing and process costing; application of accounting information for decision-making: marketing decisions, production decisions; capital budgeting: depreciation, taxation; budgeting process, master budgets, flexible budgets, analysis of budget variances; asset valuation, and inventory costing. The laboratory portion of the course provides the student opportunity to use the personal computer for solving problems related to the major topics of the course, such as spreadsheet analysis, and in addition covers managerial topics, including sessions focused on group dynamics and teamwork, research using the Internet and business ethics




Engineering Management Program

Typically Offered Periods

Fall Semester