HMU 404 Techno Music Composition

The exciting art of techno music has dynamically transformed over the years, incorporating elements of classical electronic music and cutting edge high tech innovations. This course will explore the techniques and enable the student to have a greater understanding of the tools of the trade. Each class will preview examples of the most well known works over the years, and demonstrate the technique since sounds often recycle years later: sample loops in current compositions, for example. The students will participate in weekly lab exercises by creating music in the Media Arts Center with state-of-the-art software and will apply advanced music theory skills. The final project shall be a 3-song student composition professional "demo". Guest producers will be invited to join us in class. Basic keyboard or iGuitar skills are required.




(HMU 401 or HMU 402) and (HMU 301 or HMU 395)


Music and Technology Program

Typically Offered Periods

Spring Semester