MT 543 Machine Learning in Pharmaceutical Development

The fourth industrial revolution, referred to as Industry 4.0, will transform all aspects of research, development and manufacturing across all product modalities. This transformation is characterized by increased adoption of digitization, robotics, and intelligent systems. Artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular are anticipated to play crucial roles in this revolution by enabling the rational integration of the ever-increasing amounts of digital data. The pharmaceutical development space is rapidly adapting to Pharma 4.0 by integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence in novel and unprecedented ways to the increasing flow and density of digital information. This class will provide a detailed exploration of machine learning algorithms such as neural networks and gradient boosting applied to novel data workflows in pharmaceutical development. These applications result in enhanced quantitative characterization of processes and material properties and enable incorporation of the large data sets anticipated to be generated by the adoption of Industry 4.0 practices.



Cross Listed Courses

CHE 543


Instructor Permission and MA 576 CoReq and (Grad Student (or Junior or Senior))


Chemical Engineering Program Materials Science and Engineering Program

Typically Offered Periods

Spring Semester