SM 702 Practicum in Sustainability Management

International graduate students may arrange an internship or paying position off campus and receive Curricular Practical Training (CPT) credit via this course provided that the course constitutes an integral part of their educational program. Students must maintain their full-time status while receiving CPT. Prior approval of the program director is required for enrollment. To justify enrollment, the student must have a concrete commitment from a specific employer for a specific project, and must provide to the program director for their approval a description of the project plus a statement from the employer that they intend to employ the student. This information must be provided to the program director with sufficient advance notice so that the program director has time to review the materials and determine if the project is appropriate. During the semester, the student must submit written progress reports. At the end of the semester, the student must submit for grading a written report that describes their activities during that semester, even if the activity remains ongoing. This is one-credit course that may be repeated up to a total of three credits.




Need Permission - Graduate DEAN 698


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